Is your cell phone invading your life?

Are video games changing the personalities of your kids?

Are you addicted to texting, email, or social media?

Are you being sucked down the vortex of searching?

Dr. Mari Swingle's new book provides the clear scientific proof to back up what we've all been suspecting: we're all subjects in a massive experiment to see what "i-Technology" (video games, social media, cell phones and a host of other screen-based devices) will do to our brains. The evidence is in, and it's frightening. In a witty and entertaining style, Dr. Mari (as she's known to her patients) walks us through the science on how rapidly our brains are changing after 100,000 years of slow development, what the dangers are, and the positive steps we can all take to embrace technology while still saving our brains, and steering Humanity's future in a much more human direction.

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About the Book

i-Minds is an exploration of modern culture and the place i-technologies (e.g., computers, cell phones, gaming devices) have in our world. Weaving through the hard and soft sciences, including history, research, and popular literature; media and industry hype; sociology and social psychology; personal observations and tales from over 18 years of clinical practice and research, Dr. Mari Swingle explores the influence of i-technology on children and families, friends and lovers, work and learning, development and brain function as influenced by our ever changing world and the technologies within. In this exploration, Dr. Mari paints a picture of change, giving food for thought on what we should embrace and accept, what we should unequivocally reject, and many aspects of the digital era that are timely to debate.

About the Author

Dr. Mari Swingle holds a BA in Visual Arts from Ottawa University 1987, an MA in Language Education from the University of British Columbia (1997), and a MA and PhD in Clinical Psychology from Fielding Graduate University (2013). She is a BCIA Fellow (2010) and a practicing clinician, Certified Neurotherapist (since 2000). Dr. Mari, as she is known to her clients at the Swingle Clinic, is this year’s winner (2015) of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB) Federation of Associations in Behavioral and Brain Sciences (FABBS) Early Career Impact Award for her post-doctoral work on the effects of i-technology on brain function. Dr. Mari presents her research and speaks regularly on the topic of i-media on the neurophysiology of children and adults.

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